by Editor on January 29, 2014

California Redwood Road TripIt is within the power of talented filmmakers to inspire their audiences to do things with their lives that they might otherwise have thought not possible. One of these things is to show viewers the wonder of distant lands and the power that adventure can bring into a life. While the list of films that perform this sacred duty are beyond counting, here are ten that are well-known as some of the best movies to bring out that adventurous spirit of travel. See this for more information about tours in thailand.

Road Trips

Easy Rider (1969) – A classic of the film world, Easy Rider brings the beauty of the American road to its audiences. There is nothing quite like the endless possibilities that the open road presents and by the end of this movie people will no doubt be wondering if the time is right to buy their own motorcycle and head out to seek some adventure.

Thelma & Louise (1991) – Another great road trip film, Thelma and Louise presents the adventure of traveling freely across the country with a friend. Though the experiences that one has will probably be less dangerous and much less illegal, that call to explore and bond is an irresistible urge that infects like a vivid dream.

Into the Wild (2007) – Based on a true story, Into the Wild presents its viewers with the ultimate tale of adventure. Via a circuitous and eventful route, a man journeys to the Alaskan wilderness, leaving the trappings of civilization behind him. There, he experiences all the beauty that this remote part of the world has to offer. It may not inspire one to leave their regular life behind forever, but it does present a compelling reason to take some time out for adventure.

Romantic Adventure

Before Sunrise (1995) – This amazing film by Richard Linklater is a romantic romp through the streets of Vienna. Following the adventures of a couple that meet randomly on a train, it brings to mind story-book encounters of a fateful kind. It is hard to watch this movie without getting an instant urge to climb aboard a train in a distant land and seek out someone to love.